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In a highly competitive market economy, a key element in the success of an enterprise, its recognition by consumers, is the quality of its products.

In order to optimize production processes and produce high quality A new level, the company has implemented a quality system that meets the requirements ISO 9001-2009, which is confirmed by the Certificate of Quality Management System received in 2010.
The products of PJSC “Zaporozhye Mechanical Plant” are registered in FBU “Certification Register on the Federal Railway Transport” of the Russian Federation and the Ukrainian national certification system UkrSEPRO, namely:

  • bearings of crankshafts of diesel engines of 6S310DR, K6S310DR, 5D49, D50, 2D50, 2D100, 10D100, 11D45, 14D40 diesel engines;
  • motor-axial bearing for traction diesel locomotives CHME-3;
  • bushings of pistons and upper heads of connecting rods of diesel engines 6S310DR, K6S310DR, 11Д45, 14Д40, 5Д49;
  • valves inlet and exhaust diesel engines 6S310DR, K6S310DR, 5D49;
  • fingers for diesel engines 6S310DR, K6S310DR, 2D100, 10D100, 11D45, 14D45.

The quality of products of PJSC “Zaporizhia Mechanical Plant” is guaranteed by high qualification, initiative and responsibility of our specialists and performers, optimization of technological and production processes, improvement of the design of instruments, equipment and equipment.

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