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148 years

Zaporizhzhya Mechanical Plant

20 thousand

units of spare parts produced per year

500 +

enterprises cooperate with us

Zaporozhye Mechanical Plant possesses all the necessary means (technical, material and financial) for the manufacture, sale and export of spare parts for railway rolling stock.

The territory of the plant is about 5 hectares, where the following production facilities are located:

  • mechano-assembly area No. 1 (release of valves, motor axial bearings, piston pins and bolts, adapters, indicator valves);
  • mechano-assembly station No. 2 (production of steel-bronze liners, bushings, gearboxes, fuel pumping pumps, gears);
  • tool shop (making templates, tools);
  • thermal area (oxidation, chrome plating, electroplating, nitriding, cementing and other heat treatment);
  • a site for the production of bronze-babbitov liners;
  • blacksmith site;
  • casting area (centrifugal casting);
  • chemical, measuring, spectral laboratories;
  • transport section.

There are also warehouses for storage of plant products and material values ​​(finished product warehouse, metal warehouse, material and technical warehouses, etc.).

The machine park consists of more than 400 pieces of equipment, including lathes, milling, gear cutting, grinding, drilling, presses, saws and many others.

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