ZMZ to increase its presence on the internet for foreign contacts

ZMZ to increase its presence on the internet for foreign contacts

Despite certain difficulties that every company experiences during this 2020 year - Zaporizhzhia mechanical factory strives to develop and does its best to improve customer and partner connections in different countries.

Against many active restrictions and regulations, imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, ZMZ presence is increasing around the world. As well as the range of items and parts that the factory produces or completes.

Of course, our core products are well-known parts for diesel, electric locomotives, electric trains, light rail vehicle repairs, and maintenance. ZMZ products quality and values are well known around former Soviet Union countries first of all, that have these machines operating:

  • ТЭ3 (TE3)

  • ЧМЭ3 (ChME3)

  • М62

  • ТГМ4 (THM4)

  • 2ТЭ116 (2TE116)

  • ВЛ (VL)

  • and others

Nonetheless, as we meet requests and offers from other European countries, ZMZ tries to be as close and as transparent as possible to our colleagues in Spain, Germany, France, Italy. Unlike many other businesses, e.g. tourism and hospitality, that is still spiking, the real sector and industry production does not stop. Even more - many companies increase their production volumes and pay extra attention to optimize their operating expenses.

In October 2020, we introduced our presence on the LinkedIn Network and now we will continue sharing our information about Zaporizhzhia mechanical factory events and activities in the English language for our foreign partners.

You are welcome to join:  

“In our quick and tight world we are following our current and future clients’ needs and responding to all requests, disregarding any kinds of pandemics” - ZMZ director, Sergey Kovalevsky, said.

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